Mind-Blowing Sensory Experience

Tokyo is known as a very wellness conscious city and offers a variety of activities for maintaining your health and beauty. For example, Tokyo allows you to enjoy various styles of yoga from traditional Indian or original Japanese yoga that are popular for both locals and visitors. “Tokyo is an excellent place to explore yoga because it has such a large variety of venues in which classes are held” explains the Hotel Gajoen team.

Gajoen is an over 90-year-old Japanese-style luxury hotel complex that hosts a unique ‘Morning Art Yoga’ experience. There is something special about doing yoga while surrounded by the scent of tatami. Since breathing, when you do yoga, involves inhaling and exhaling through your nose, the relaxing effect obtained from the sense of smell is very important. The scent of the “soft rush straw” plant used for tatami contains the same components as that of the relaxing effects of a forest bath.

In addition, because vanilla essence and the aromatic components of black tea are included, every time you take a deep breath you will be healed by the scent of the tatami straw and feel a deep relaxing effect. You will also see the beautiful art spread across the ceiling and walls as you do your poses. Classes are available to both hotel guests and visitors, and can be tailored to the level of the participants from beginner to advanced. Instructors can also hold classes in English.

After the one-hour morning session, you can go to the Executive Lounge, which is usually open only to hotel guests, and have a luxurious breakfast. Fresh and flavorful vegetables, green smoothies, and choice dairy yogurts are available to give your body a morning boost. This is a special wellness experience that expertly combines mental and physical health with art.

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