A Modern Twist to Edo-style Sushi

In a quiet residential area in Oomori Kaigan stands a sukiya-zukuri Japanese house. (Sukiya-zukuri are houses influenced by tea house architecture).

Matsunozushi started in 1910 as a sushi street stall in the Shibashinmei area of Tokyo. The second generation owner of Matsunozushi moved it to Oomori Kaigan. As a young child, the fourth generation and current owner-chef, Mr. Yoshi Tezuka, accompanied his father to purchase fish. He learned how to expertly choose fish and once he started school he began learning how to properly use a knife. On a mission to convey sushi culture to the world and to learn about different cultures and hospitality, he spent four years as a professional ski guide in Europe and North America. Yoshi takes advantage of his cross-cultural communication skills by serving guests from all over the world on a daily basis.

One of the special items on the menu is the Omakase Course with an English explanation for overseas guests. This is a tailor-made course for guests that can accommodate religious or lifestyle dietary restrictions. Also, while serving guests, the fourth generation chef-owner, Yoshi, will provide an explanation in English about the history and culture of sushi and differences in the areas where the fish comes from. Matsunozushi can make possible such a special course because of the owner’s strong commitment to not just giving his guests a meal but having them learn about and enjoy Japanese food.

Matsunozushi, through which Edo (former name of Tokyo) restaurant culture and Edo-style sushi has been passed down over the years, will continue to deliver its message to the world through its sushi.

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