Experience Personal Tea Ceremony with a Great Master

Tea ceremony was originally enjoyed only by a limited number of high-ranking people mainly in Kyoto. In the 17th century, it became popular in the capital city of Edo (now Tokyo) among samurai and ordinary citizens. Since then until the present day, various styles of tea ceremony have been created in Tokyo while carrying on its tradition.

Tokyo, serving as the center of culture and economy for over 400 years, is home to numerous unique and exclusive venues developed by members of various business fields and circles, where the best tea makers and masterpiece tea utensils are found. As a result of these factors coming together, Tokyo gives you wide options of first class tea ceremony experiences not seen in other cities.

Tranquilitea (Charen) is a tea ceremony specialist in organizing and hosting tailor-made tea parties. The director of Charen, Ms. Hoshina says, “I would like for people who come to Tokyo to experience the authentic tea ceremony in a casual manner and I hope to seek new possibilities for tea ceremony while connecting with people from various countries.”

She comes from a Daimyo family (Samurai lord) that can trace its roots back to the Edo period (1603 – 1868), and all of the tea utensils she prepares for us are masterpieces. Her background also allows her access to various exclusive venues in Tokyo and make some special arrangement there. For example, they offer you a real “Tea Kaiseki”, the tea ceremony with Kaiseki style course meal, at “Tsujitome”, a Michelin 2-star Kaiseki restaurant. As tea ceremonies are held in English, there is no need to worry about the language barrier. We would love to have you try your hand at creating your own unique tea ceremony in Tokyo. 


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