Meet the Mastermind of Modern Day "Traditional" Cuisine

Japan has a time-honored style of vegetarian/vegan-centric cooking known as Shojin-ryori. It is based on the Buddhist belief of non-violence to all living things, so meat and fish are not used. How it differs from vegetarian or vegan cuisine is that Shojin-ryori has the rule to “use only ingredients that do not stimulate worldly desires.” This means vegetables such as green onions, garlic and ginger are not used as their strong odor is believed to cause negative states of mind. Shojin-ryori is divided into two types: the first type was created for Buddhist monks training at temples, and the second type was created for entertaining the writers and artists visiting the temples.

Daigo is run by the young, fourth generation restaurateur Mr. Yusuke Nomura, who is constantly taking on new challenges despite inheriting a restaurant with a long-standing tradition. Using his knowledge gained from training in the world of French cooking, he implements Western food presentation and always has over 100 wines on hand. More recently, it is also known as a Michelin 2-star restaurant.

He demonstrates flexibility and ideas that are not bound by the conventions of Japanese cooking. The dishes Mr. Nomura prepares in accordance with the season are all fresh and alluring. Even though his dishes are low in sodium, there is fullness of flavor and you will not be left unsatisfied.

Daigo is a reservations-only restaurant with all tables in their own rooms. Each room faces the Japanese garden from which you can enjoy the scenery by seasons. You will not believe that you are the center of the Tokyo metropolis close to Tokyo Tower. It is like a quiet retreat where you can relax. We hope you will enjoy the traditional yet uniquely Tokyo vegetarian cuisine.


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