Our Services

TOKYO LUXEY presents its view of ”New Luxury” through the following services. What is the “New Luxury” proposed by TOKYO LUXEY? Real Experiences. Authenticity. We believe that real experiences are the luxury of the future, or the New Luxury. TOKYO LUXEY offers luxury travelers from around the world the opportunity to have real and unique experiences in Tokyo/Japan. We create opportunities for SMEs, individual, and craftsman content suppliers in Tokyo/Japan to flourish in the world and propose new values through New Luxury.

Content Development

Content development for wealthy tourists (luxury travelers) from overseas markets (Europe, the United States, Australia, and Asia).


Business Matchmaking

Travel agency/travel designer for the domestic and overseas luxury traveler market and matching luxury content suppliers in Tokyo/Japan to this market.


Research & Marketing PR

Research and marketing PR for the domestic and overseas luxury traveler market.


Content Development

We provide content development support to government agencies, municipalities, hotels, and commercial facilities focusing on New Luxury Tokyo/Japan content such as food and gastronomy, art, Japanese culture, wellness, and entertainment sought by luxury travelers from overseas.

We develop exclusive and unique content, both existing and potential, for luxury travelers. At the same time, we are supporting the strengthening of the acceptance system that is essential to offering content.

By utilizing TOKYO LUXEY’s unique overseas luxury traveler community, we provide content development that leverages the voices of these luxury travelers. This will contribute to the creation of repeat customers.

Business Matchmaking

Matching travel agencies and travel designers in the overseas luxury traveler market with Tokyo/Japan suppliers that provide New Luxury content. We are building a new market by linking these two groups who have the same needs but have had difficulty accessing and disseminating information.

We specializing in SMEs, individual and craftsman suppliers in Tokyo/Japan who struggle with the global expansion of their world-class New Luxury content. Taking full advantage of TOKYO LUXEY’s overseas network and acting as a management service for New Luxury content suppliers, we are promoting a sustainable business model in which both parties are not merely matched but both become winners.

We will contribute to regional revitalization through our specialized inbound luxury travel.

Research & Marketing PR

Research: Group Interviews

We regularly hold group interviews and social gatherings in Japan and overseas composed of local luxury travelers as well as media and influencers who have an impact on their community. We collect qualitative and quantitative data necessary to the luxury business and use it for content development and marketing measures.

Marketing PR:  Invitations to Japan & Fam Trips

We regularly invite media and influencers from overseas who influence local luxury travelers to Tokyo/Japan and conduct Fam Trips for them. Information on New Luxury experiences such as luxury destination (sightseeing spots) visits, food, gastronomy, art, Japanese cultural experiences, and wellness are published in the media and posted on social media. We develop promotion PR with high engagement and appeal and aim to increase recognition and strengthen branding. This is the optimal marketing measure for attracting inbound luxury travelers.

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Company Information

Company Name

Tokyo Luxey, Inc.


6−19−40−706 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052 Japan

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Tokyo Governor Registration Travel Service ArrangementBusiness No. 20123

CEO Profile

Chie Maeda
Chie Maeda provides marketing PR services for the luxury market in Japan and overseas. She specializes in marketing PR and business development of luxury brands and destination hotels that represent Japan. She was an early leader in marketing using overseas influencers. Currently, her company is focusing on inbound business for the luxury travel market.
Before launching TOKYO LUXEY (formerly Rouge Asia), Chie worked in Silicon Valley at The McKenna Group, a high-tech marketing consulting service focused on the Internet business for global companies mainly in Japan and the United States. After that, she founded and operated “mammagenki.com," an online community and e-commerce site for Japanese women.
Graduate of Mills College, USA (International Relations). M.B.A. from Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.